Fujiya: The Inherited Taste of Fujiya Shortcake
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Fujiya "Taste of Tradition: Fujiya's Shortcake" "Fujiya's Pudding a la Mode

Check out the new cakes from Fujiya! The "Taste of Tradition: Fujiya's Shortcake" and "Fujiya's Pudding a la Mode".

Fujiya's Pudding a la mode

Fujiya's Pudding a la Mode is a typical Fujiya pudding a la mode with pudding, milky cream, fruit, and chocolate in the shape of Peko-chan. The product measures 100 mm (length) x 60 mm (height) and is priced at 520 yen (tax included, same as below).

Fujiya "Fujiya's Pudding a la mode".

Taste of Tradition: Fujiya's Shortcake

The "Taste of Tradition: Fujiya's Shortcake," which was launched in January as part of the "12 Stories of Shortcake" project commemorating the 100th anniversary of the launch of shortcakes, and which has been well received, will make its return to the Fujiya Festival. It was inspired by the old Fujiya shortcake, which was filled with the passion of the company's founder, Rinemon Fujii. It is a cute retro shortcake with a sponge with visible baking marks and whole strawberries sandwiched between chanterelles and cream. It measures 85mm in diameter x 55mm in height and is priced at 640 yen. It will be on sale from November 1 to 3 and from November 16 to 18.

Fujiya "Taste of Tradition: Fujiya's Shortcake".