Fujiya "12 Stories of Shortcake "Milky Shortcake" that spins your heart".

NACHIYA Shortcake 12 Stories "Milky Shortcake

that spins your heart


NACHIYA will sell "Shortcake 12 Stories "Milky Shortcake that spins your heart" for a limited time. The product will be on sale for nine days from November 22 to November 30. The cake is inspired by the episode that won the grand prize in a public contest. The price is 581 yen (tax included).

The "12 Stories of Shortcake" project started in January 2022 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Shortcake. Each month, a short story focusing on a different main character is published, describing memories related to shortcake. In addition, a special shortcake inspired by the story will be on sale for a limited time starting on the 22nd of each month.

This month's story was selected from a project open to the public. The main character is a teacher, Nako Abe. Ms. Abe is a teacher in Tokyo. On her cell phone's standby screen, there is a picture of a shortcake she remembers, a picture she has not changed for a long time. It was a large shortcake from Fujiya, which his family had prepared as a surprise for him when he returned home after his graduation from college. It was my mother who wrote "Ganbare (do your best) Naho-sensei" on the chocolate plate. Abe-san says that since that day, the standby has been his good-luck charm. What was the important message that was put in the cake? We hope you enjoy Abe's heartwarming story.


chiffon sponge is sandwiched with light custard cream and strawberries, then covered with milky cream. The cake is made in the motif of a "kamakura," a cake that expresses the warmth of a family. The top is covered with a ribbon of strawberry cream, giving it the appearance of a gift. Two types of paper plates with messages are available. You cannot choose the paper plate.

Fujiya "12 Stories of Shortcake "Milky Shortcake" that spins your heart".