Marugame Seimen "Eggplant tempura udon bento with grated radish", "Chicken momo karaage udon bento", "Horse mackerel tempura udon bento

Marugame Seimen will start selling "Marugame Udon Bento" such as "Eggplant tempura grated udon bento", "Chicken momo karaage udon bento", and "Horse mackerel tempura udon bento" on June 15 for a limited time only.

Marugame Udon Bento

The boxed lunchboxes contain freshly made and freshly boiled noodles, tempura, and side dishes. Prices start at 390 yen. All are available with a choice of bukkake udon (cold) or kake udon (hot). Also included are chikuwa isobe-ten (tempura tempura with chikuwa), vegetable bara-ten (tempura with vegetables), kinpira gobo (fried burdock root), and omelette.

Eggplant tempura udon bento with grated radish

Marugame Seimen "Eggplant tempura udon bento with grated radish

The "Eggplant Tempura Udon Bento with Grated Daikon (Japanese radish)" is a satisfying dish topped with "Eggplant Tempura Udon with Grated Daikon. It is a refreshing meal on a gloomy summer day. The inside of the fluffy and juicy "Eggplant Tempura" is soaked in soup stock to enhance its subtle sweetness. The fresh "grated daikon" is cool to the eye and brings the whole dish together with a refreshing taste. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same as below).

Chicken Momo Karaage Udon Lunch Box

Marugame Seimen "Chicken Momo Karaage Udon Lunch Box

The "Chicken Momo Karaage Udon Bento" is a hearty dish containing three pieces of crispy fried chicken marinated in a special garlic-soy based sauce. The deep frying time is carefully selected so that the chicken is tender, and the juices soaking into the meat will overflow in one bite. It is perfect for those who want to get their stamina up. The price is 640 yen.

Horse mackerel tempura udon bento

Marugame Seimen "Horse mackerel tempura udon bento

Thick horse mackerel, carefully prepared at the restaurant, is in season from spring to summer. Tempura tempura seals in the flavor of the fatty horse mackerel and fills your mouth with the deliciousness of the season. To finish off the dish, a sweet soy sauce-based special sauce is added to enhance the flavor of the "aji-ten". The price is 490 yen.