Ministop "Zushiri! Akakara Mix Bento

Ministop offers six products under the supervision of Nagoya's famous "Akakara": "Zushiri! Akakara Mixed Bento," "Udon Noodles with Spicy Udon Noodles," "Steamed Chicken and Cucumber Salad," "Cold Tsukemen," "Akakara Fried Rice Omusubi," and "Chicken Steak" will be released by Ministop. The release date is June 14.

A big chunky lunch box! Akakara Mixed Bento

The bento is filled with fried shrimp, fried chicken, croquette, hamburger steak, and other side dishes. The fried shrimp and croquette are topped with an original sauce made from Akakara sauce. The salted rice is topped with chili peppers for a full flavor and spiciness. The price is 556 yen (excluding tax, the same below).

Ministop "Zushiri! Akakara Mix Bento

Udon noodles with a delicious spiciness

The rich and tangy spiciness that characterizes Akakara nabe is reproduced in yaki udon noodles. The secret ingredient, oyster soy sauce, enhances the flavor. It is topped with pork, stir-fried vegetables (cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts), and chives, all of which are inspired by the Akakara nabe. The price is 460 yen.

Ministop "Udon noodles with spicy flavor

Cold Tsukemen

A dish of hard, medium-thick Chinese noodles served in "Akakara's" characteristic sweet and spicy soup. The price is 498 yen.

Ministop "Cold Tsukemen

Akakara Fried Rice Omusubi

The use of chili peppers gives this product a spicy impact. Lard is added to give the product a rich flavor. The price is 130 yen.

Ministop "Akakara Fried Rice Omusubi

Steamed Chicken and Cucumber Salad

This salad features a sweet, spicy, fruity dressing with apple vinegar added as a seasoning. The optional mayonnaise can be used to mellow the flavor. The steamed chicken is topped with chili peppers for aroma and spiciness. Price: 323 yen.

Ministop "Steamed Chicken and Cucumber Salad

Chicken Steak

Chicken thigh meat is marinated in seasonings and grilled to a golden brown. The sauce used for the topping is made by adding miso and chili peppers to the seasonings to create a rich and tasty sweet and spicy flavor. The price is 369 yen.

Ministop "Chicken Steak