Warm "Marugame Udon Bento" from Marugame Seimen


Udon Bento for To go "Shrimp Tempura Tamago Ankake Udon Bento" for Winter

Marugame Udon Bento Marugame Seimen will release "Shrimp Tempura Tamago Ankake Udon Bento" on November 29 (Tue.) as a winter-only item in the To go-only "Marugame Udon Bento" menu. The lineup also includes four types of "Marugame Udon Bento" to be enjoyed with hot kake-dashi soup stock.


AMAGO ANKAKE UDON BENTO Marugame Seimen's winter staple, "Tamago Ankake Udon" with a thick and fluffy texture, is now available as a Marugame Udon bento with the popular EBITEN (shrimp tempura). The special egg ankake is handmade in the restaurant and is based on aromatic white broth made every few hours from ingredients such as Hokkaido kelp and carefully selected dried bonito flakes. The sauce is thickened and fluffed with a special egg.

Freshly made and freshly boiled udon noodles are served hot in a container. The moment you open the lid, you can smell the flavor of the broth. The special egg and broth ankake, which has the gentle flavor of egg and broth, is well mixed with the sticky noodles, warming you up from the inside out.

The product will be on sale from Tuesday, November 29 through early March 2023. The price is 620 yen (including tax and container).

Marugame Udon Bento" is a

hot winter

bento box containing a freshly made and freshly boiled ball of udon, hot soup stock, tempura, and two classic side dishes (sauteed burdock root and fried egg), all prepared to order. During this time of year when the weather gets colder, customers can choose warm "kake udon" in addition to the cold "bukkake udon.

The hot container has also evolved to retain heat better. The improved seal prevents the hot broth from spilling out, allowing you to carry it with peace of mind. The improved heat insulation prevents heat from being transferred to the hand, making the container easier to hold with one hand and easier to eat with the other.

Warm "Marugame Udon Bento" from Marugame Seimen

Winter "Marugame Udon Bento" comes in a two-tiered container. Udon and dashi are served separately, so you can enjoy the same sticky texture as at the restaurant. It is microwave-safe and can be reheated to be enjoyed hotter.

Warm "Marugame Udon Bento" from Marugame Seimen

The lineup is as follows

Warm "Marugame Udon Bento" from Marugame Seimen

Standard Udon Bento:

Flavorful and refreshing udon noodles served over rice, with a vegetable tempura and chikuwa isobe tempura for a perfect combination. The price is 390 yen (including tax and container).


ENTO Bright red ginger is served with BARA-TEN. The spicy flavor goes well with udon soup. Price: 390 yen (including tax and container).

Kashiwa-ten Udon Bento

: Enjoy juicy kashiwa-ten, the most popular tempura. Priced at 520 yen (including tax and container).

Shrimp temp

ura udon bento Recommended for shrimp tempura lovers. Priced at 520 yen (including tax and container).

Marugame Tempura


Hosotake Tempura

Marugame Tempura has a lineup of seasonal specialties in addition to its standard items. This winter, "Anko-ten" with the rich flavor of anko (flying fish) and "Hosotake-ten" with the aroma of soup stock and firm texture will be on sale from December 1 (until all the tempura is gone). Each is priced at 160 yen (tax included).

Marugame Noodle "Anko-ten" and "Hosotake-ten

Only the tempura can be taken home. If you purchase 5 or more pieces of tempura to-go, you will receive a 10% discount from your bill.

Marugame Tempura

Eligible products: Various types of tempura sold in the store
Eligible stores: Marugame Seimen nationwide

* Not available at some stores.
Items and number of items handled vary by store.
To go method differs depending on the store. Check in-store information for details.
Not applicable to mobile ordering and delivery.
Discount applies to tempura only.