Marugame Seimen Marugame Udon Udon Bento "Pork Shabu Oroshi Udon Bento" and "Iwashiten Udon Bento

Marugame Seimen's To go Marugame Udon bento will newly introduce "Pork Shabu Oroshi Udon Bento" and "Iwashiten Udon Bento". Both are available from July 26 until late August.

Pork Shabu Oroshi Udon Bento

Marugame Udon Noodle Bento "Pork Shabu Oroshi Udon Bento" by Marugame Seimen

Pork shabu is boiled in hot water at the restaurant, cooled in water, and served with a special sauce with garlic. The pork shabu is served with a special garlic-flavored umami sauce. You can enjoy the refreshing taste of the freshly grated daikon, the freshly watered udo and tender pork shabu, and the freshly grated daikon. The price is 640 yen (tax included).

Sardine tempura udon bento

Marugame Seimen Marugame Udon Bento "Iwashiten Udon Bento

The sardines are prepared in the restaurant and tempura-ed to concentrate the flavor of the fatty fish. One bite of the plump meat will fill your mouth with the delicious taste of sardines with a special soy sauce-based sweet sauce. The price is 490 yen.

All Marugame Udon bento boxes include chikuwa isobe-ten (fish ball tempura), vegetable bara-ten (tempura with vegetables), kinpira gobo (fried burdock root), and tamagoyaki (fried egg). Marugame Udon bento is a To go-only item. The price includes the cost of the container.