Mita Noodle Factory "Burning Tsukemen"

At each "Tsukemen specialty store Mita Seimensho", the summer classic spicy menu "Burning Tsukemen" will be on sale from July 6th. It is a product that you can order by choosing the spiciness level of the soup, but this year, "infinity" (+100 yen) that exceeds the "extreme" that was the conventional spiciness MAX will appear for the first time. In addition, "Burning Torikara" will also be sold.

Burning tsukemen

"Burning Tsukemen" is the first seasonal product of Mita Seimenjo, which first appeared in 2011, and is a summer signboard product that continues to be supported by customers. The secret to its popularity is the harmony between the intense spiciness of the spices, which are exquisitely mixed with multiple spicy ingredients, and the taste of the pork bone seafood soup that you can feel behind them. It has a strong spicy taste and is a tsukemen that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from those who want a little stimulation to core spicy fans.

Mita Noodle Factory "Burning Tsukemen"

In addition to the conventional four levels of spiciness, "1 spicy", "2 spicy", "3 spicy", and "extreme", "infinity", which exceeds the limit, will be introduced for the first time this year. "Mugen" soup uses "Mugen Powder" which contains the spicy pepper "Trinidad Scorpion" which is certified by Guinness. The soup is sprinkled so generously that it disappears, so it is recommended that only those who are confident in their pungency tolerance order it. The price including tax is 900 yen (+100 yen for special and infinite spiciness).

From the scorching heat

The side menu "Torikara" (fried chicken), which is the pride of Mita Seimenjo, is also sold at the same time as "Burning Torikara", which is a crispy batter entwined with plenty of "burning chili oil". Excellent compatibility with "burning tsukemen". The price including tax is 380 yen for 3 pieces and 530 yen for 5 pieces.

Mita Noodle Factory "From the scorching heat"

Available at Mita noodle shops and Uber Eats in Japan.

* The Ario Yao store does not handle spiciness levels "extreme" and "infinite".
* Not available at Demae-can.
* There is no "infinite" handling for delivery and To go.