Mita Noodle Factory "Tsukemen Miyamoto" and "Super Niboshi Abura Soba"

"Niboshi Festival" is held at "Tsukemen Specialty Store Mita Noodle Factory". "Tsukemen Miyamoto", which has become a staple of autumn, and the new "Super Niboshi Abura Soba", which is more satisfying to eat, will be offered for a limited time. The sale period is scheduled for about 2 months from September 7.

Tokuno Niboshi Tsukemen

Nagasaki Prefecture boasts the largest production of dried sardines in Japan. The Tokuno soup, which is made with a generous amount of sauce made from high-quality dried sardines landed off the coast of the Goto Islands, a treasure trove of seafood located at the westernmost tip, is a traditional tsukemen from Mita Seimenjo, which has a rich soup. Among them, the "darkest" cup. When entwined with specially made extra-thick noodles, the powerful sardine flavor spreads throughout your mouth, making it an outstanding taste. The price is 900 yen, and the special price is +100 yen (tax included, same below)

Super Tokuno Niboshi Abura Soba

Use twice as much Niboshi Tsukemen as Niboshi Tsukemen! It is a hearty cup of entwined direct sardines that are not ashamed of the super-rich name, brilliantly heaped loose char siu, and extra-thick noodles. The price is 1,200 yen. A large serving of noodles is +100 yen.