Mita Noodle Factory "Burning Tsukemen"

"Tsukemen specialty store Mita Seimensho" will release the hot spicy "Burning Tsukemen", which is a standard summer limited product, on July 21st. This year, we are particular about the spiciness and umami, and renewed the composition of chili peppers. It goes well with soup, making it a stimulating yet easy-to-eat finish.

"Burning Tsukemen" is the first seasonal product of Mita Seimenjo, which first appeared in 2011, and is a signboard product that continues to be supported mainly by core spicy fans. The secret to the popularity of scorching tsukemen is the intense spiciness of the "original scorching spice", which is an exquisite blend of multiple spicy ingredients, and the delicious taste of the pork bone seafood soup behind it. This year, the balance between spiciness and deliciousness has been further refined, and the spice composition has been renewed. After blending the spicy pepper, mix the fishmeal. Along with the fiery spiciness, it goes much better with the pork bone seafood soup.

There are four levels of spiciness: "1 spicy, 2 spicy, 3 spicy, and extreme". You can enjoy it widely from those who want a little stimulation to core spicy fans. If you eat the highest rank "extreme", you will feel very hot! The price is 900 yen, and the special price is 100 yen (tax included). The sale period is scheduled for mid-September.