Mita Noodle Factory "Thick Seafood Black Miso Tsukemen"

"Rich seafood black miso tsukemen" is on sale for a limited time until February 28th at Mita Noodle Factory. Arranged menu of "rich seafood miso tsukemen" limited to winter season.

Rich seafood miso tsukemen is a menu made for the season when warm and rich dishes such as hot pot and ramen are permeated into the frozen body in the winter season. Based on pork bone seafood soup, rich miso, mellow backfat, and fragrant flavor oil are added to the finish to make it a rich and warm cup. It goes well with the "Aim" noodles and you can enjoy it warmly until the end. Accented with garlic and ginger.

The arrangement of the rich seafood black miso tsukemen is a rich miso soup with plenty of "mar oil" that has a scent of charred garlic. In addition, "rich seafood red miso tsukemen" using special chili oil is also on sale. The prices of each are as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Rich seafood miso tsukemen 960 yen ・ Rich seafood red miso tsukemen 1,050 yen ・ Rich seafood black miso tsukemen 1,050 yen

Same price for average to large. Tokumori is an additional 100 yen. It is available at all Mita noodle shops in Japan.