Mita Noodle Factory "Morning Tsukemen" "TKM (Egg Kake Noodle)"

It was announced on the official website that the Mita Noodle Factory was open early in the morning with only 3 stores. "Morning tsukemen" and "TKM (egg kakemen)" are prepared as menus only between 7 am and 10 am on weekdays.

The idea is to eat delicious noodles on a busy morning and rejuvenate the day. Of these, TKM (tamago kake noodles) is a menu where you can enjoy the extra-thick noodles from Mita Seimenjo with fresh brand raw eggs and special soy sauce. It is launched as a cup that you can directly feel the taste of noodles. You can also squeeze the lemon to taste it refreshingly. As for the amount of noodles, you can choose 240g (8.47oz) of "normal serving" or 320g (11.29oz) of "noodle mashi" at no additional charge.

In addition to this, you can order the "Oinari set" with two "Oinari" for both morning tsukemen and TKM. Inari can be added separately. You can also add "seasoned eggs," "pork loosening," and "green onions."

The target stores for early morning business are as follows.

・ Yurakucho store ・ Asagaya store ・ Hanshin Noda store

Only TKM at Hanshin Noda store uses different breeds of chicken eggs. All three stores may be closed early in the morning without notice. The selling price of each menu is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Morning tsukemen 500 yen ・ Morning tsukemen inari set 650 yen ・ TKM (tamago kakemen) 500 yen ・ TKM inari set 650 yen ・ Additional inari 1 piece +100 yen ・ Additional seasoned egg 1 piece +100 yen ・ Additional Pork loosening +100 yen, additional egg +100 yen