Condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke" "Kizami Rakkyo"

Speaking of curry companion, Fukujinzuke & Rakkyo. It's nice to have it, but sometimes it's bothersome to buy it, or it can be overwhelmed after all.

S & B Foods sells condiment tubes "Kizami Fukujinzuke " and "Kizami Rakkyo" to solve such problems. The content is 40g (1.41oz), and the estimated price is 135 yen each (excluding tax).

Condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke" "Kizami Rakkyo"

Chopped Fukujinzuke

Uses 7 kinds of materials: radish, cucumber, lotus root, sword bean, ginger, shiso, and sesame. It is carved so that the scent and texture of each material remains.

Condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke"

Since it comes in a tube, you can easily top it with your favorite amount. I imagined Fukujinzuke, which is similar to paste, but it has a surprisingly crispy texture. It is finished in a well-balanced manner without over-claiming any of the seven materials. The saltiness, umami, and the refreshing scent of ginger go great with curry!

Condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke"


Carefully selected pickled scallions that are chewy and have a natural flavor. By chopping it to the size that can be squeezed out with a tube, it is finished with a good texture.

Condiment tube "Kizami Rakkyo"

This is also a crispy and comfortable texture. The unique scent of scallions and moderate sweetness spread. The mild acidity gives a refreshing aftertaste. Gives a refreshing accent to the curry.

Condiment tube "Kizami Rakkyo"

Arrangements other than curry

Not only can you top it with curry, but you can also enjoy it in various ways. "Kizami Fukujinzuke" is delicious when topped with cheese. The mellow richness and the sweetness of Fukujinzuke match.

Cheese with condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke"

Add "Kizami Rakkyo" to the soy sauce to complete the Japanese-style dressing. The sweet and sour taste of scallions enhances the deliciousness of vegetables.

Salad with condiment tube "Kizami Rakkyo"

It is also recommended to put it on tofu, use it as a rice ball, or add it to ramen. Fukujinzuke & Rakkyo, which tended to be left over, has become a reliable companion for daily rice making.