Curry condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke" "Kizami Rakkyo"

S & B Foods will release new curry condiment tubes "Kizami Fukujinzuke" and "Kizami Rakkyo" on February 8th. The content is 40g (1.41oz), and the estimated price is 135 yen each (excluding tax).

"Kizami Fukujinzuke" uses 7 kinds of ingredients: radish, cucumber, lotus root, sword bean, ginger, shiso, and sesame. A crispy texture is achieved by chopping so that the scent and texture of each material remain. Fukujinzuke-like taste with just the right amount of sweetness and acidity.

"Kizami Rakkyo" uses carefully selected pickled scallions that you can enjoy the crispy texture and natural flavor. By chopping it to the size that can be squeezed out with a tube, it is finished with a good texture. A well-balanced taste of sweetness and acidity.

Curry condiment tube "Kizami Fukujinzuke" "Kizami Rakkyo"

At the same time, "Red pickled ginger" is also on sale as a seasoning in a tube that can be easily added. Red pickled ginger has been commercialized in response to consumer feedback such as "juice drips" and "not at home when you want to use it." It can be used for various menus such as fried noodles, chilled Chinese noodles, rice balls, fried eggs, and kakiage. The estimated price is 125 yen (excluding tax).

Seasoning in a tube "Red pickled ginger"