SALON DE AMBRE "Narazuke x Cream Cheese"

I actually bought and tried SALON DE AMBRE "Nara-zuke x Cream Cheese" sold by Nara-zuke Salon Abe. An exquisite encounter between "Narazuke" and "cream cheese".

Narazuke x cream cheese

"Nara-zuke x Cream Cheese" is a blend of melon that has been carefully pickled by hand, which is popular mainly in department stores, and cream cheese from Hokkaido. It was jointly developed with a sommelier (certified by the Japan Sommelier Association). Marriage with sake, whiskey, etc. is also exceptional. No fragrance used. Received the "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award" at the 2018 NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD. We have also won the "Excellent Prize" at the design award.

I bought two types, "plain" and "smoke". The purchase price is 1,080 yen for plain and 1,188 yen for smoke (both including tax).

Narazuke x cream cheese


A mellow and tasty gem that exquisitely blends the mellow flavor of lees, the smoothness of cream cheese, and the taste of Narazuke. The crunchy texture of the melon is also pleasant, and the soft sweetness is added to the light accent.

When you open the package, you can see the cheese packed tightly. You can see the carved melon inside. You can use crackers, baguettes, boiled vegetables, etc. as you like. The richness of mellow cheese, the saltiness of Narazuke, and the deliciousness of a new sensation that matches the umami! The crunchy and crunchy melon texture is a nice accent. Every time I chew Narazuke, the saltiness increases irresistibly.

SALON DE AMBRE "Narazuke x Cream Cheese"

SALON DE AMBRE "Narazuke x Cream Cheese"

The wines that go well with each other are as follows.
Champagne [Champagne, France]
Sherry (Oloroso, Amontillado) [Spain]
Riesling [Germany]
Pinot Noir [Chile, USA]


The fragrant smoke scent is an exquisite match that enhances the taste of aged Narazuke. The smoky flavor gently snuggles up to the smoothness of the cream cheese, spreading the pleasant saltiness of the sea breeze and the sweetness of the tasty melon (smoked chips change depending on the season).

The taste of Narazuke and the smooth richness of cheese are combined with the savory flavor of smoke to give a slightly mature impression. The flavor that spreads softly in the mouth is addictive.

SALON DE AMBRE "Narazuke x Cream Cheese Smoke"

The wines that go well with each other are as follows.
Chenin Blanc [Vouvray, Loire, France]
Malbec [Argentina]
Tokaj [Hungary]
Whiskey, cognac

SALON DE AMBRE "Nara-zuke x cream cheese" that seems to be a good souvenir for wine lovers and Nara-zuke lovers. Other flavors such as yuzu, black pepper, and Japanese pepper are on sale. Try the taste you care about.