How to cut broccoli
Broccoli can be eaten on both stems and leaves. It's a nutritious vegetable, so let's have it whole without waste! The stem has a hard skin, so the point is to peel it a little thicker.
Raw materials broccoli
Tool Kitchen knife, cutting board
Working hours 10Minutes
1. Cut the stem and tuft
2. Cut the tuft into small tufts
3. Cut fine stems and leaves into easy-to-eat pieces
4. Peel thick stems and cut them into pieces that are easy to eat.

How to cut broccoli

"Broccoli" has a strong image of eating the bunch, but the stem is as nutritious as the bunch. Let's eat up the whole thing without throwing it away! In this article, I will introduce the basic method of cutting broccoli so that you can eat it without waste.

● How to cut broccoli

Rinse the broccoli with water, put a knife at the base of the bunch, and separate it from the stem.

Step 1 How to cut broccoli

Cut off the thin stems and leaves attached to the stems.

How to cut broccoli

Put a knife at the base of the small bunch and separate it one by one.

Step 2 How to cut broccoli

How to cut broccoli

The large tuft in the center cuts off the stem.

How to cut broccoli

Make a cut with a kitchen knife so that it is easy to eat, and gently split it by hand. This completes the processing of the bunches.

How to cut broccoli

How to cut broccoli

Next, we will prepare the stems. Cut the thin stems that you cut off to a length that is easy to eat. You can eat the whole leaf.

Step 3 How to cut broccoli
Even if you put it in miso soup

Thick stems peel the hard skin a little thicker.

How to cut broccoli

Cut it into a size that is easy to eat, and the stem processing is complete.

Step 4 How to cut broccoli

How to cut broccoli

Boil or steam the cut broccoli and enjoy it with your favorite cooking!

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Broccoli that cannot be used immediately can be stored frozen for about a month.

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Let's prepare and store nutritious broccoli without waste and enjoy it as a whole!