Nakau "Beef-filled Tsuke Udon" and "Umashiri Beef-filled Tsuke Udon".


"Beef-filled Tsuke Udon" and "Umami Spicy Beef-filled Tsuke Udon

" will be available at Nakau restaurants from 11:00 a.m. on May 25, 2012.


Tsuke Udon "Beef-filled Tsuke Udon" is a dish in which udon noodles are cooled to make them smooth to the touch, and served with hot beef-filled dipping sauce. The sweetly seasoned Kansai-style dipping sauce has a deep taste of beef infused with bonito soup stock. Nakau's signature thinly sliced udon noodles, which are smooth and smooth to the touch, are mixed with the sukiyaki-flavored beef. This dish is also available as udon and soba noodles.

Udon Noodle with Spicy


Fillings "Udon Noodle with Spicy Beef Fillings" is a dish with a punch, which can be tasted by adding the optional "Eating Rayu" (Chinese chili oil) to your favorite sauce. The spicy raayu and fried garlic flavor enhances the flavor of the sweet tsukemoto (dipping sauce) and stirs up your appetite. In addition to udon, the dish is also available as soba noodles.

The product list is as follows

Beef-filled Tsuke Udon: Normal 590 yen, Large 690 yen, Extra 790 yen
Spicy beef-filled Tsuke Udon: Normal 680 yen, Large 780 yen, Extra 880 yen
Spicy beef-filled Tsuke Soba: Normal 640 yen, Large 740 yen, Extra 840 yen
Spicy beef-filled Tsuke Soba: Normal 730 yen, Large 830 yen, Extra 930 yen

* All prices include tax.
All prices include tax.
Udon noodles will be available at 458 stores (as of May 18), excluding some stores.
Udon noodles are boiled in the same pot (hot water) as soba noodles.