Easy recipe for "Marboe Chicken

Here is the second batch of juicy chicken thigh recipes. The four recipes are: "Marbo-Chicken," "Chicken and Broccoli in Sweet and Spicy Sauce," "Chicken and Burdock Root in Tomato Sauce," and "Taro and Chicken Thigh in Umami Sauce."


A simple recipe for "Ma-Bo Chicken" arranged with chicken instead of tofu. It is perfect not only with white rice, but also as a snack for alcoholic beverages.

Easy recipe for "Marboe Chicken

It has a complex flavor with the elegant taste of chicken, the aroma of ginger and garlic, and the spiciness of soy bean sauce. The aroma of sesame oil wafting through the air is a delicious taste that lingers in the mouth.

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Chicken and Broccoli Stewed with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

A hearty recipe for "Chicken and broccoli stewed in sweet and spicy sauce. The umami of the chicken adds a satisfying finish.

simmered chicken and broccoli with sweet and spicy sauce

The flavor of the sweet and spicy sauce spreading from the broccoli clusters is irresistible! The tenderness of the broccoli makes even the stalks delicious.

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Chicken and burdock root stew with tomato

Chicken and burdock root simmered in tomato sauce. It has a sweet and sour tomato flavor.

simmered chicken and burdock root with tomato

The chicken is soft and tender, and the burdock root is crunchy. Each accentuates the other's texture. The crisp onions add a refreshing accent.

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Umani (fried taro and chicken thigh)

A recipe for "Umani (fried taro and chicken thigh)" that will make you want to eat white rice without stopping. All you have to do is cut the ingredients, saute them quickly, and then simmer them.

fried taro and chicken thigh

The umami of the taro, which is soft and smooth, is matched by the umami of the juicy chicken thigh! The oil gives the dish a rich and savory flavor that makes it more filling than just simmering.

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