Recipe to make "Chive ball"

3 recommended recipes using Chinese chive! Here are three Nira recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. Punchy "Chive no Hitashi" and sake snack "Nira garlic boiled egg".

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・ Chive ball
A recipe that anyone can easily make a fluffy leek ball.

Recipe to make "Chive ball"

The texture of fluffy toro, the richness of eggs that fills your mouth, the flavor of leeks, the aroma of sesame oil, and the delicious taste of oyster sauce! The best! The mellowness is added by adding a little milk, and the sweetness, umami, and salty taste are exquisite.

・ Chive garlic boiled egg
Also for egg consumption! Recipe for adult seasoned " Chive garlic boiled egg".

Recipe for "Chive garlic boiled egg"

I soaked it for about half a day, but the flavors of mentsuyu and garlic soaked into the white meat and it was a salty horse! It is delicious that seems to be a big success as a snack for sake. It's a strong seasoning, so you can add it to ramen or add it to a salad.

・ Chive
"Chive's Ohitashi " recipe with the punchy flavor of Chinese chive.

"Chive no Hitashi" recipe

A fragrant taste in which mellow sesame oil wraps the saltiness of soy sauce and noodle soup. The more you chew, the more punchy flavor that is unique to Chinese chive spreads throughout your mouth. An irresistible taste for leeks lovers!