Eco-friendly initiatives you can do at home: "Rebovege".

Rebovege, an eco-friendly initiative you can take at home

Introducing "Rebovege," a way to regenerate vegetables that would normally be thrown away. A collection of vegetables, rebo-veggie methods, and recipes for beginners that are easy for anyone to start!

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" is an abbreviation of "Reborn Vegetable," and refers to "regenerated vegetables" that are grown again using scraps of vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away. If you rebo-vege the vegetables you buy at the supermarket, you can reduce the amount of garbage and it is easy on your wallet, making it a very eco-friendly option!

Rebovege Vegetables for Beginners

Eco-friendly initiative "ribovege" bean sprouts at home

The vegetable recommended for beginners is "Toumyou" (bean sprouts). It is a young, nutritious pea (green pea) vegetable, a green and yellow vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. It can be eaten in a variety of ways, such as raw in salads, stir-fried, simmered, or added to soups.

How to Ribovege Mame-ni Seedlings

Cut off the top 3 to 4 cm from the part with the beans attached and place in a Tupperware, dish or other receptacle. Fill the container with enough water to cover the roots, and leave it in a bright place such as a windowsill. The stems will grow rapidly, and in 1 week to 10 days, you will have enough to harvest!

Eco-friendly initiative "ribovege" bean sprouts at home

Eco-friendly initiative "ribovege" bean sprouts at home

5 Recipes Using M

ame-no Mushrooms Here are 5 simple and tasty recipes using mame-no-mushrooms! They are perfect as a side dish or as a snack.

This recipe is easy to make and tastes great! The crunchy texture is pleasant!
Peperoncino with Mushrooms and Peperoncino Recipe
Peperoncino with pea shoots and mushrooms

Easy Chinese "Stir-Fried Bean Seedlings with Soft and Thin Eggs" Recipe / Directions Crispy and refreshing bean seedlings are bright to the eye!
Stir-Fried Soft Eggs and Bean Seedlings Recipe
Stir-fried soft-boiled egg and bean sprouts

Recipe for "Bean Sprouts with Crab Cake Salad"! Crunchy texture and full of umami from the crabmeat!
Bean seed crab cake salad recipe
Bean seed crab cake salad

Recipe for "Stir-Fried Bean Seedlings with Garlic" - Simple, crispy, and easy to make! A simple side dish that can be cut and stir-fried!
Stir-Fried Bean Seedlings with Garlic Recipe
Stir-fried soybean sprouts with garlic

Recipe and directions for "Bean Sprouts and Nut Salad! Refreshing bean sprouts and savory nuts with a pinch of ginger!
Bean and Nut Salad Recipe
Salad of pea shoots and nuts

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