Easy recipe for "Mackerel with chives and soy sauce

The following is a list of leek recipes that the Engeboku editorial department has actually tried and enjoyed. The recipes are "Tomato and leek with Chinese dressing", "Stir-fried pork with leek balls", and "Mackerel with leek and soy sauce". Click on the name of each recipe to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Tomato and leek with Chinese sauce

Here is a simple recipe for "Tomato and leek with Chinese dressing," a side dish that can be made in a microwave oven. The vivid contrast of red and green color makes this dish stand out.

I have a simple recipe for "Tomato and Chives with Chinese Dressing."

The moment you bite into a small tomato, it bursts with juiciness. The sweet and sour taste spreads with the fresh aroma of chives. The chicken broth adds flavor, while the Korean seaweed adds richness and an aroma of the sea. Each flavor is combined to create a deep taste. It is the perfect chopstick rest for a rich main dish.

Stir-fried Pork Chive and Bean Curd

Here is a simple recipe for " Stir-fried P ork Chives and Eggs" with bright yellow and green colors. The combination of pork with chives and eggs, which go well together, gives this dish a satisfying taste.

Easy recipe for "Stir-fried pork with leek and egg

The juicy flavor of pork belly and the fresh aroma of chives are a perfect match. Each flavor is assertive, giving the dish a punchy finish. The richness of the fat and the mild flavor of the egg also spread. The soft and fluffy texture is satisfying and delicious.

Mackerel with leek and soy sauce

A simple recipe for " Mackerel with Chives and Soy Sauce" arranged with canned mackerel. The savory aroma of white sesame seeds and sesame oil spreads, and the spiciness of chili pepper comes through at the end.

Easy recipe for "Mackerel with Chives and Soy Sauce

The combination of the rich mackerel and the refreshing aroma of chives is exquisite. With each mouthful, the savory aroma of white sesame and sesame oil spreads. Finally, the spiciness of the chili pepper comes into play. The spiciness of the chili pepper tightens the fat of the mackerel and leads to a sharp aftertaste.