Recipe "Sweet potato tuna salad"

Here are three recipes for "tuna salad" that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and found to be delicious. "Sweet potato tuna salad" and "raw garland chrysanthemum and tuna mayo salad".

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・ Sweet potato tuna salad
If you get tired of sweet potatoes, give it a try! "Sweet potato tuna salad" recipe with a side dish.

Recipe "Sweet potato tuna salad"

Tuna oil mellows the sweet potatoes, and the crispy onions add a juicy accent. There is no dry feeling that clogs the throat, and the finish is easy to eat.

- tuna salad
lemon or tuna of the bitter gourd, combined black pepper, "issued a change in the taste tuna salad of bitter gourd " recipes.

Recipe "bitter gourd tuna salad"

The crispy bitter gourd has a pleasant texture! In addition to the bitterness of bitter gourd, the sourness of lemon, the umami of tuna, and the spiciness of pepper can be enjoyed, and you can enjoy a variety of vivid tastes. Even though it's refreshing, it's strangely behind.

・ Raw garland chrysanthemum and tuna mayo salad
It is delicious when put in a hot pot or sukiyaki, but it is also delicious to eat as it is "raw"! A simple recipe for " raw garland chrysanthemum and tuna mayo salad".

Simple recipe of "raw garland chrysanthemum and tuna mayo salad"

The garland chrysanthemum eaten raw is bittersweet but has no harshness and a refreshing scent, and is crispy and crispy! Like me, if you like coriander, watercress, or herbs, you'll love it.