Kappa Sushi "Immediately served"

At Kappa Sushi, a To go product "Ima-dake Mori" that includes May fair products will be on sale from May 13th to May 31st.

The "Ima-dake Mori", which contains the recommended May fair products, will be on sale because we want you to enjoy the fair products at home. This is a recommended set for a limited time that includes the most popular classic ingredients and meat sushi such as "Takaebi", "Beef Toro" and "Pork Toro Roast" with a refreshing texture.

In addition, the To go limited " Family Manpuku Set ", which was launched on April 27, has been extended. "Family Manpuku Ima-dake set" and "Okosama set", which are set products with "Ima-dake prime", will also be on sale.

May To go limited set details

・ Assorted for now
The contents are tuna, albacore, true squid, large toro salmon, shrimp, scallops, beef toro, pork toro roasted, takaebi, tuna tataki, salmon roe, thick roasted egg. The price is 870 yen for 1 person, 1,740 yen for 2 people, and 2,610 yen for 3 people (excluding tax, the same applies below).

・ Family Manpuku Ima-dake set
The contents are assorted for 3 servings, hand-rolled sushi set for about 3 servings, 2 dishes of fried chicken, and 2 dishes of french fries. The price is 5,400 yen for about 4 people.

Kappa Sushi "Family Manpuku Now Only Set"

・ Two types of okosama set, "Ikura Tobiko" and "Tuna Cone". The price is 490 yen each. * Capsule toys and original card types cannot be selected.

Kappa Sushi "Okosama Set"