LAWSON STORE100 Golden Kamui Collaboration Autumn Harvest Festival

LAWSON STORE100 Golden Kamui Collaboration Autumn Harvest Festival

LAWSON STORE100 will hold a collaboration with the popular TV anime "Golden Kamui". Under the title of "Autumn Harvest Festival," from October 4 to October 31, the store will sell original products inspired by the characters and the world of the work, as well as original goods using illustrations newly drawn for the collaboration. In addition, a present campaign will be held to collect receipt stamps to win an acrylic diorama, and a follow and repost campaign on the official X website will be held as well. The main visual is characters in fancy dress!

Original collaboration product


Saichi Sugimoto's Meat Miso Bento

This bento is made with miso, an item that is closely connected to the story, and is topped with meat miso, seasoned egg, and pickled nozawana. The price is 346 yen (tax included).

LAWSON STORE100: Saichi Sugimoto's Meat Miso Bento

Saichi Sugimoto's Scarf-Style Sa

usage Bread This sausage bread is designed to resemble Sugimoto's trademark scarf. The soft, sweet bread dough is topped with sausage and ketchup is squeezed to resemble the pattern on the scarf. Price: 130 yen.

LAWSON STORE100: Saichi Sugimoto's scarf-style sausage bread

Asilipa's Salmon Chitatapu-Style Sushi

Rice Balls: Diced salmon seasoned with soy sauce and kelp dashi and topped with sushi rice. When they cut the salmon, they may or may not say "chitatapu chitatapu". ...... Price: 248 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 Chitatapu-style sushi rice balls with salmon from Asilipa

Shiraishi Yutake's Haskap and Milk Steamed

Cake This steamed cake is made with Hokkaido milk and haskap. The gentle sweetness of the milk is matched by the tartness of the haskap. The cake comes in a pack of two. Price: 130 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 Yutake Shiraishi's Haskap and Milk Steamed Cake

Ogata Hyakunosuke's M

ushiritara Inspired by a memorable episode in the film, "Mushiritara" is a snack that can be enjoyed as a snack. The collaboration package features a bold design depicting the scene where Ogata presents the codfish. The price is 246 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 Ogata Momonosuke no Mushiritara

One of Sergeant Tsukishima's best efforts! Whoa? Hagi!

This o-hagi is associated with Sergeant Tsukishima's favorite food, white rice. Three pieces of rice hagi made with domestically-produced domyoji (a type of rice cake made in Japan), each weighing about 55 grams, are skewered. The price is 160 yen.

Lawson Store 100, Sergeant Tsukishima, the best of the best! Whoa? Hagi!

Ensign Koito's Tea Time

Mini Doughnuts: A "mini doughnut" inspired by the scene where Ensign Koito eats "suushka," a pastry similar to a doughnut. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. Priced at 131 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 Ensign Koito's Tea Time Mini Donuts

Pirate Boutaro

's King Cheese Cake

: Softly baked cheese soufflé cake made with Hokkaido cheese and sandwiched between whipped cream. The rich package is decorated with a crown in the image of the king that is Boutaro the Pirate's dream. Priced at 138 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 Pirate Boutaro's King Cheesecake

LAWSON STORE100 Limited Snacks with Card

: French Fries,

Corn Potage Flavor

: French fries with a key visual on the package. The potage flavor uses corn, a familiar ingredient in Hokkaido. Each product comes with a random card featuring a new illustration created exclusively for this collaboration. (Total 14 kinds of cards with 2 designs for each of 7 characters: All cards have 2 patterns: normal or holo-processed rare). Ends when all are gone. Price: 151 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 LAWSON STORE100 Limited Snacks with Card

Collaboration original goods sold at LAWSON STORE100

Original goods of TV anime "Golden Kamui" x LAWSON STORE100 will also be sold at the store. In addition to the popular acrylic stand, there will be 6 kinds of goods such as can badges and sticker sets.

Collaboration original goods LAWSON STORE100

During the campaign period, present your Ponta card or d-points card to


one stamp for every purchase of a qualifying item. If you accumulate 30 stamps, you will surely receive an "acrylic diorama" of the TV animation "Golden Kamui".

Point members only] 30 receipt stamps will get you an "Acrylic Diorama" for sure!

Eligible products: Canned beverages, soft drinks, nutritional drinks, and energy drinks

TV anime "Golden Kamui" acrylic diorama

Character body: Height approx. 55-81mm x Width approx. max. 50mm x Thickness approx. 3mm
Background: Height approx. 94mm x Width approx. 148mm& times;thickness approx. times;thickness: approx. 1mm

* Some of the characters "Asilipa" and "Chitatapu" have been changed due to environment-dependent characters.