Fukushima akatsukimomo" from acure made

acure made

Fukushima Akatsuki Mom

o "Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" will be available from acure made, an original beverage brand of acure, which mainly operates in Ekinka. It will go on sale on June 6 in 280 ml PET bottles for 190 yen (including tax), and will be sold at acure vending machines in JR East Ekinka and by mail order from JR East Cross Station Water Business Company.



Momo "Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" is a product with limited ingredients, as it will be a 100% straight fruit juice drink using only Akatsuki variety peaches produced in Fukushima Prefecture. Because it is an agricultural product, the quantity of peaches available for processing into beverages fluctuates greatly depending on the climate and the quality of the fruit, but we managed to secure a sufficient quantity again this year and were able to sell it. Visitors can fully enjoy the seasonal flavor of this year's peaches, feeling the difference in deliciousness from last year's peaches.

The vending machines in Acure will begin to offer the product sequentially from June 6, 2023.
JRE MALL, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping will start selling the product in June or later as soon as it is ready.