FamilyMart "iichiko Souwa

FamilyMart "

iichiko Souwa


Shochu "iichiko Souwa", jointly developed with Sanwa Shushu, which sells the authentic shochu brand "Iichiko", will be available in limited quantities at FamilyMart liquor stores on September 26. It will be available in a 720 ml bottle at a price of 1,466 yen (tax included).



is a special limited edition shochu jointly developed by FamilyMart and Sanwa Shuzui. It is an authentic shochu made from carefully brewed raw shochu made from Oita Prefecture's "Nishinohoshi" barley, which is used for shochu, and has a clean, fruity aroma and a refreshing taste.

The development team from FamilyMart and Sanwa Sake Breweries worked together on numerous prototypes until they achieved the desired flavor. It goes well with all kinds of food, and we recommend drinking it with soda, which brings out its gorgeous fruity aroma.

FamilyMart "iichiko Souwa

The name "Souwa" is named using "Sou," which evokes a "refreshing aroma," and "Wa," which evokes the connection and harmony between the barley growers, FamilyMart, and Sanwa Shuzu, as well as the desire to provide a harmonious and pleasant experience for the drinker. The package expresses the glamorous quality of the sake with an abstract image of green.

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