Kurazushi "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Nigiri Set"

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Christmas Limited Menu

The "Gift from Momotaro" program at Kura Sushi will be offered from December 9 (Fri.) through December 25 (Sun.) with super deals on items that are not on the regular menu. The limited Christmas menu "Kurachiki," "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Nigiri Set" and "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Gunkan Set" will be available in limited quantities from Friday, December 23 through Sunday, December 25.

Gift from


Gift from Momotaro is a project to blindfold the "Antibacterial Sushi Cover Freshness-kun" on the lane with a peach sticker so that customers cannot see what is inside the product. The sushi items will include the largest selection of sushi items in the history of Kura Sushi, the first four-piece platter, and sushi with an abundance of ingredients.

Kura Sushi "Gift from Momotaro

The type and quantity of sushi to be served will be randomly selected, and it will be up to you to decide which items will be served. The sushi covers are also Christmas-specific in appearance, with a twinkling mechanism that glitters like an illumination.

Kurazushi "Gift from Momotaro" Christmas edition


: Kurazushi's original chicken, popular every year and only available at this time of year. Juicy, high-quality chicken thighs are carefully selected and cooked with five kinds of original spices that have been uniquely blended to add depth to the flavor.

Kura Sushi "Kurachiki

The fried chicken is made with a special batter, and the crispy fried texture, overflowing juices, and special spices are exquisitely intertwined with each other. To meet the needs of customers who want to enjoy it at home, you can take it home. The price is 250 yen.

By purchasing the "Kurachiki" and the to-go sushi set together, you can easily prepare dishes that will add color to Christmas. The "Manpuku Value Set (60 pieces)" is priced at 2,950 yen (regular price: 3,450 yen), and the "Kura Sushi Value Set (30 pieces)" is priced at 1,520 yen (regular price: 1,720 yen).

Kurazushi "Manpuku Value Set

Christmas] Bikkura Pon!


nigiri set

[Christmas] Bikkura Pon

! Popular

Gunkan Set

A set of sushi popular among children is now available in a Christmas version. The specially designed dividers feature a reindeer pulling a sled and Santa Claus.

Kurazushi "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Nigiri Set"
Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Nigiri Set

This set is also available for take-out. The price is 680 yen each. Each order comes with one "Bikkura Pon! prize for each order.

The "Popular Nigiri Set" includes salmon, shrimp, fried egg, hamburger steak, and inari. The "Popular Gunkan Set" includes shrimp mayo, tuna salad, corn, salad, and seafood salad.

Kurazushi "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Gunkan Set"
Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Gunkan Set

Prices may vary at some stores.
Some items will be discontinued once the planned quantity is reached.