Kappa Sushi Kappa no Toro Festival

Kappa Sushi Kappa no Toro Matsuri, Kappa's Now Only! Kappa's most recommended items!

Kappa Sushi will hold "Kappa no Toro Matsuri (Kappa's Tuna Festival)" from Wednesday, February 1 to Monday, February 13. Kappa's TORO Festival" will be held from February 1 (Wed.) to February 13 (Mon.). The "Fiercely Promoted Items! will also be held at the same time.


no Toro Matsuri (Kappa's Tuna Festival

) The lineup ranges from the typical tuna "Toro" to Negitoro, Chutoro, and Dai Toro. The lineup includes a wide variety of products that look "yammy" and taste "melt-in-your-mouth", starting at 110 yen (tax included, same as below).


Negitoro Wrapped with Ne

gitoro and our signature rice, served with crispy nori (seaweed). Take-out is available in a gunkan. Consistent 110 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Negitoro Wrapped with Tuna and Negi-Toro


(large tuna): Each piece of Ootoro is carefully cut and served. You can enjoy the rich fatty flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Available only inside the restaurant. One piece 187 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Big Tuna

Toroneta samai

A special dish only available at this fair, featuring tuna negitoro nigiri, medium fatty tuna, and fatty salmon on a single plate. Limited to in-store consumption only. Three pieces for 242 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Toroneta Sammai

A plate

full of Toroneta

: tuna wrapped in negitoro, salmon roe with salmon roe and salmon roe on top, grilled salmon roe with pickled takuan, fresh cold yellowtail harami, and large tuna. In-restaurant food and beverage only. Five pieces for 726 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Toroneta Sammai

Melting Milt Tempura Wrapped in

Tempura Cod Milt Tempura. Crispy on the outside, thick and creamy on the inside. When you take it home, it is served in a gunkan. Consistent 110 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Melted Shirako (Albacore) Tempura Wrapping

Toro Salmon with Salmon roe

The fatty flavor and soft texture of the yam and salmon, the salty taste of the salmon roe, and the crunchy texture make a great combination. Consistent 110 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Toro Salmon with Salmon Roe

Marbled Toronishin (Sliced Marinated Toronishin)

Vinegared and finished with tenderness. You can enjoy a refreshing taste with ginger and green onion. Two pieces for 110 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Marbled Tolo-Nishin


Toronishin with Salt Seared

The fat is melted by sprinkling salt and lightly seared to bring out the savory flavor. Two pieces for 110 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Marbled Tororo Nishin Salted and Seared

Seared beef


topped with grated yam and green onion. The smooth texture of the yam and the flavor of the beef ribs combine in this dish. Two pieces for 187 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Beef Kalbi Seared with Tororo

Grilled Toro Salmon Marinated in

Kamayaki sauce overnight, the skin side of the fatty salmon is deep-fried and seared, resulting in a concentrated savory and tasty flavor. Two pieces for 242 yen. Sales of "Grilled Salmon" will be suspended while this product is on sale.

Kappa Sushi "Grilled Toro Salmon Pickles

Sushi with


Beef Tongue

and Tororo Tor

oro: A satisfying sushi with the moderate texture of seared beef tongue, the delicious flavor of the fat, and the melting texture of the tororo (yam). Two pieces for 363 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Beef tongue seared with grated yam

Kappa's Now Only! Highly recommended items!

This winter, Kappa Sushi will be offering "Kappa's Special Now! Highly Recommended Items! Kappa Sushi will also be offering "Kappa's New Item of the Season! The lineup includes eight kinds of items, such as "Lobster wrapped in Miso Shiso Leaves" (110 yen per piece) and "Steamed Oysters" (242 yen per two pieces), a winter delicacy. On the side menu, "Lobster bisque-style croquette - with shrimp miso mayo" (429 yen) will be available.

Kappa Sushi "Lobster wrapped in miso shiso leaves