Kappa Sushi "Eel Chirashi" and "Summer Feast Set

Eel Chirashi" and "Summer Feast Set" will be available at Kappa Sushi on July 8.

Eel Chirashi

This year, July 23 and August 4 are Doyou no Ushi days. It is customary to eat eels, rich in vitamins and other nutrients, on Doyou no Ushi to get through the hot season.

To coincide with the day of the Ox, Kappa Sushi offers "Unagi Chirashi," a dish consisting of six generous servings of the popular eel on a bed of nori (seaweed) rich in the flavor of the sea and a gently sweetened broiled egg. A microwave-safe container is used, so you can heat up the dish at home and enjoy it (please remove the lid when microwaving).

Kappa Sushi "Eel Chirashi

It will be on sale from July 8 to August 4. The price is 700 yen per serving (tax included, same below).

Summer Feast Set

A "Summer Feast Set" featuring carefully selected items that can only be enjoyed now is also available. The set includes "eel," a summer delicacy essential during this season, "chutoro" (medium fatty tuna), which is carefully cut in the restaurant, "tokumori salmon roe" and "tokumori negitoro" (tuna with negi tuna), both of which are topped with a lavish amount of ingredients. The "scallops" are a must-try for their plump texture.

Kappa Sushi "Summer Feast Set
Photo shows 3 servings

The menu will be on sale from July 8 to August 31. Prices are 1,080 yen for 1 portion (12 pieces), 2,160 yen for 2 portions (24 pieces), 3,240 yen for 3 portions (36 pieces), 4,320 yen for 4 portions (48 pieces), and 5,400 yen for 5 portions (60 pieces).

The product may run out of stock or be discontinued even during the sales period, depending on weather, availability, sales, and other factors.

From August 11 to August 15, those who receive take-out items of 2,000 yen (including tax) or more will receive a 15% off premium coupon that can be used for both in-store dining and purchase of take-out items during their next visit to the restaurant.

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