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Kitchen Milk Pie Uji Matcha Cow

Cow Kitchen will sell the popular annual "Cow Cow Kitchen Milk Pie Uji Matcha" for a limited season. The price is 280 yen per pie or 1,680 yen for a set of six (both including tax). Sold at the Ekia Kitasenju store, Atre Akihabara 1 store, and Lumine Omiya store.

Cow Cow Kitchen Milk Pie Uji Matcha

: A crispy pie baked in the oven with two types of cream: Uji matcha cream and Hokkaido milk cream. The Uji matcha cream has a slightly bitter taste with a hint of matcha. The Hokkaido milk cream is made with fresh Hokkaido cream, mascarpone cheese, and condensed milk for a mild taste. Enjoy the exquisite marriage of matcha and milk.

Cow Cow

Kitchen is a spin-off brand specializing in To go from "Tokyo Milk and Cheese Factory," which combines fresh milk and selected cheeses with unexpected ingredients under the concept of "nostalgic and new.