Washoku SATO To go half price Beef horse boiled rice bowl etc. for "399 yen"

As a sequel to the "Early Summer Bento Festival, " the Japanese family restaurant "Washoku SATO" has reduced the price of three To go menu items such as "Beef Uma-boiled Rice Bowl" to 399 yen (excluding consumption tax, the same applies below) for a limited time (May 4). (Sunday to May 11th) ・ Sold in limited quantities.

Washoku SATO "beef horse boiled rice bowl"

Until now, at the "Early Summer Bento Festival", "Beef Uma Boiled Rice Bowl" was sold at a reduced price from 798 yen to 499 yen, but this time, due to the extension of the state of emergency, an additional 100 yen discount will be given. We have started offering it at half price "399 yen".

Washoku SATO "beef horse boiled rice bowl"
Beef horse boiled rice bowl

The campaign-limited menu "Bean rice and fried chicken lunch" is also offered at a reduced price of 399 yen.

Washoku SATO "bean rice and fried chicken lunch"
Bean rice and fried chicken lunch

The price of "Seasonal Special Tendon", which uses seasonal ingredients such as sakura shrimp and firefly squid, has been reduced from 898 yen to 399 yen, which is less than half the price.

Washoku SATO "seasonal special tendon"
Seasonal special tendon bowl

The popular dish menu "Yakigyoza" 6 pieces and "Takoyaki" 8 pieces are also available for 199 yen each.

* Please note that this campaign is subject to change without notice, and may be sold out due to the limited quantity of all products, and the product content and sales time may differ at some stores.