Cocos Eel Festival "Eel bowl (one piece)", "Eel bowl (two pieces)", "Eel bowl with one special eel", "Tororo Tsukimi no Eel bowl".

Eel Festival will be held at Cocos. Selling "Unagi-don (single eel bowl)," "Unagi-don (double eel bowl)," "Unagi-don (single special bowl)," and "Tororo Tsukimi-no-Ure-don (eel bowl with yam and moon)." To go is also available.

Cocos Eel Festival

Held from July 1. Eels are rich in vitamin A and B vitamins, making them ideal for summer when you want to build up stamina. This summer, which has two Ox days in Doyou, Cocos will again offer four products that allow you to fully enjoy the perfect summer eel.

Unagi-don (eel bowl) (a piece)

The standard "Unagi-don" (eel bowl). Price is 1,089 yen (tax included, same below). The To go price for online orders only is 855 yen.

Cocos Eel Festival "Eel bowl (one piece)

Eel bowl (two pieces)

Price is 1,749 yen. Online order-only To go price is 1,373 yen.

Cocos Eel Festival "Eel bowl (two pieces)

Unagi ichikagui tokkkyo donburi

This product allows you to enjoy one eel. The thick and fluffy texture of the eel is served with nori (seaweed) spread all over, nishiki-shi (broiled egg), and sansho (Japanese pepper) as an optional garnish. The price is 2,189 yen. The To go price for online orders only is 1,719 yen.

Cocos Eel Festival "One Eel Special Bowl of Rice

Unagi-don with Tororo Tsukimi

Unagi donburi" is a bowl of rice topped with tororo (yam), shiso leaves, and egg yolk. The yam, egg yolk, and rich, sweet sauce are a perfect match. Price: 1,309 yen. No To go available.

Cocos Eel Festival "Tororo Tsukimi Eel Bowl

All four dishes come with sansho (Japanese pepper), a small bowl of cooked food, and miso soup. For To go, only sansho (Japanese pepper) is included.
The sale is scheduled to end in mid-August.