Campaign with Japanese food

At the Japanese family restaurant "Washoku SATO", three types of To go lunch boxes will be 499 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), and a new menu trial campaign "Early Summer Lunch Box Festival 3rd !!" will be held. Limited time offer from May 2-11.

As the self-restraint from going out continues, the To go menu has been greatly expanded with Japanese food, and the price is set at a lower price than usual, which is attracting attention.

This time, three types of bento boxes will be available for 499 yen as a trial of the new menu. The regular 798 yen "Beef Uma-boiled Bowl" and the regular 898 yen "Seasonal Special Tendon". There is also a special menu called "bean rice and fried chicken lunch box".

In addition, the snacks for "home drinking" will be 199 yen. Whereas "Takoyaki (8 pieces)" is usually 398 yen, "Yakigyoza (6 pieces)" is 238 yen.

Campaign with Japanese food

Both are for To go only and are limited in quantity for a limited time. In addition to being sold out, some menus may have a shorter sales period due to purchasing reasons. Since the situation differs depending on the store, we recommend that you contact us individually as Japanese food. However, it may be difficult to connect to the phone when it is crowded.