Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"
Beef & onions 1.5 times!

I tried the Yoshinoya's " meat-filled beef bowl". It features 1.5 times the amount of beef and onions as "Gyudon Namimori". Even if you go after hungry, you will be full.

Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"
Next to the gyudon assortment, the gyudon ingredients in a small bowl came with it

The selling price is 540 yen for the meat-filled beef bowl "Namimori". "Negidaku" with a lot of onions and "Tsuyudaku" with a lot of soup are familiar words to those who often eat beef bowls at the Yoshinoya, but this time, a menu that you can order "meat" has appeared.

Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"
Gyudon ingredients in a small bowl

The price is about 40% higher than the regular beef bowl, but the meat and onions are 50% higher, which is great for gyudon lovers.

Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"
Put it on the beef bowl!

When you order, the gyudon ingredients in a small bowl will come out next to the gyudon assortment. When you transfer the contents of this small bowl to a beef bowl, you will have a "meat-filled" dish that is full of meat.

Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"
Lots of meat!

By the way, the amount of rice is average, so if you look at the meat and onions that were in the small bowl, it will be close to "tsuyudaku". In addition, the amount of onions is increasing, so it seems to be "green onions", and in fact it is like "all".

You can feel the volume clearly when you grab the ingredients with chopsticks. The taste is of course the usual Yoshinoya beef bowl. It has a sweet taste and a delicious taste of meat, and it has a familiar taste.

If you like, add the shichimi peppers and pickled ginger that are provided on the table to change the taste, and by the time you empty the bowl, you will be completely full. You may skip a meal in the morning or noon to enjoy it to your heart's content.