Yoshinoya "Half-price meat festival" (with more meat)
festival in which participants eat meat and drink half-price


: Half-Price Meat and More Festival Yoshinoya will hold the "Half-Price Meat and More Festival" campaign from April 3 to 16, 2023. The campaign will be held from April 3 to 16, 2023.

Yoshinoya "Meat with Beef" (Small Bowl of Beef)
Beef in a small bowl

For every order of "Beef Bowl",


Beef Bowl", "Pork Bowl", "Beef Kalbi Bowl", "Beef Bowl", "Set Meal" and "Curry", one "Meat Bowl" is available at half price (92 yen) of the regular price of 184 yen (tax included, same below).

Also, the "Meat-filled Beef Spicy Curry" is available for 587 yen, 92 yen off the regular price of 679 yen. However, if you order the "Meat-filled Beef Spicy Curry" with the "Meat-filled (small bowl of beef)", it is not eligible for the half-price discount. The discount is as follows

・ Meat with small bowl of beef 184 yen → 92 yen
・ Beef spicy curry with meat 679 yen → 587 yen

Yoshinoya "Meaty Beef Spicy Curry
Meaty Beef Spicy Curry

Note that each menu item is not available at some stores. Also, some stores may have different prices.