Yoshinoya "Gyu-suki-nabe zen" and "Gyu-sukidon

Yoshinoya "Gyu-suki-nabe Set", "Gyu-sukidon" and "Gyu-nabe Family Pack

Yoshinoya will launch its winter staple "Gyu-suki-nabe zen" and new "Gyu-sukidon" at 11:00 a.m. on October 20, 2012. The "Gyu-nabe Family Pack" will also go on sale on the same day. A "Gyu-suki To go 10% off campaign" will also be held.

Gyu-suki-nabe set, a winter staple

Gyu-suki-nabe zen" has been sold every winter since 2013, and is a popular standard product with a cumulative total of approximately 80 million servings sold (total sales of Gyu-suki-nabe zen and Gyu-suki-nabe total).

Yoshinoya "Beef suki-nabe set

The "Gyu-sukiyaki-zen" consists of a large portion of beef sukiyaki meat, vegetables (Chinese cabbage, leeks, pea shoots, carrots), tofu and noodles simmered in a special sukiyaki sauce, egg, rice and pickles, which is enough to meet the half-day target intake for adults. As in the "Gyu-don" (beef bowl), grain-fed beef is used for the beef sukiyaki in the pot. It is characterized by a good balance of lean and fatty meat.

The aroma of the nabe is pleasant from the time it is served, and the sight of the nabe simmering in front of you on the stove over the fire is very appetizing. The special sukiyaki sauce is made by adding beef extract filled with the umami and flavor of beef in addition to soup stock made from kombu (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms. The deep beef flavor permeates the entire pot, so each ingredient contains plenty of beef flavor.

Yoshinoya's winter staple "Gyu Sukiyaki Nabe Set

The price is 767 yen for a standard portion (tax included, same below). Double portion of meat" is available for an additional 327 yen. Both orders come with extra rice and free refills. To go is also available.

New "Gyu-suki-don" (beef sukiyaki bowl)

Gyu-suki-don" is a new product that is a bowl of rice topped with "Gyu-suki-nabe-zen". It consists of a bowl of rice topped with a large portion of beef sukiyaki meat simmered in a special sukiyaki sauce, green onions, carrots, and silken tofu. With the growing demand for To go, rice bowls have become a popular trend, and a rice bowl version of the "Gyu Sukiyaki-Nabe Zen" was developed as well.

Yoshinoya "Gyu-suki-don" (beef bowl)

To ensure that the dish can be enjoyed both in the restaurant and as a To go dish, the company made numerous prototypes to determine the best simmering conditions and amount of special sauce to pair with the rice, and finally perfected a "gyusukidon" with the delicious sukiyaki flavor permeating even the rice at the bottom of the bowl.

The price is 624 yen for a medium bowl and 811 yen for a large bowl.

To go-only "Gyu-nabe Family Pack

Yoshinoya "Beef hot pot family pack

In addition, as a To go-only product, "Gyunabe Family Pack," which sells only the large-sized beef sukiyaki meat used in "Gyunabe," will be available from October 20, 2012. Two sizes are available: 987 yen for three servings and 1,207 yen for four servings. The pack can be used as an additional topping for "Gyu Sukiyaki Nabe Set" or "Gyu Sukiyaki Donburi," as well as for meat and arranged recipes when making nabe at home.

Gyu-suki To go 10% off campaign

The "Gyu-suki To go 10% Off Campaign" will be held at all stores nationwide (except some stores), offering a 10% discount from the tax-included price when purchasing these "Gyu-suki-nabe zen," "Gyu-sukidon" and "Gyu-nabe Family Pack" as To go items. The campaign starts at 11:00 on October 28 and ends at 20:00 on November 13. This campaign also applies to the use of To go smartphone orders.