Yoshinoya "Children's Discount

Yoshinoya "

Kodomo no Discount" Yoshinoya will offer an 80 yen discount on children's meals, including tax, from 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 21 to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 7, 2012.

During the "


's Discount" period, children of elementary school age and under will receive an 80 yen discount per person (all prices include tax) on their meals. Eligible items include beef bowls, rice bowls, plates, curry, and more than 60 items on the set meal menu.

For in-store dining, children of elementary school age or younger who visit the restaurant are eligible for a special price of 368 yen off the regular price of 448 yen for a bowl of beef on rice (regular price), and for To go, a special To go price of 360 yen (regular price 440 yen including tax) is offered for the number of children. Children do not need to come to the restaurant or accompany you when using To go. Please inform us of the number of children at the time of billing.


has been making efforts to create an environment that is easy for children to eat in since the 1980s by installing table seating and providing children's tableware and cutlery. Since 2016, we have opened more than 250 "Cooking & Comfort" style restaurants nationwide, which are family-friendly, based on the concept of "providing freshly prepared products in a comfortable dining space.

At Cooking & Comfort style restaurants, customers place their orders at the cash register, pay their bill, and then pick up their items and carry them to their seats. This allows employees to concentrate on cooking, and provides faster and better products. Cooking & Comfort-style exclusive menus are also offered.

The restaurant also has a drink bar and open and spacious seating for customers to enjoy their meal and relax. There are also power outlets for charging in the seating area so that customers can charge their smart phones, computers, and gaming devices.