Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"
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At each Yoshinoya store, a new menu "Meat-filled Gyudon" will be on sale from 11:00 on April 2 (excluding some stores). To go is possible. The price starts from 471 yen (excluding tax).

Meat-filled beef bowl is a product that appears in response to the request from customers who want to eat more Yoshinoya beef. By adding beef bowl ingredients (beef, onions) to the beef bowl, you can enjoy it in a "meat-filled" state.

Yoshinoya "Meat-filled Gyudon"

By the way, "daku" with a lot of meat means to serve more than usual, and the etymology is "a lot". "Tsuyudaku" with plenty of soup and "Negidaku" with plenty of onions, which became a standard menu from January 2020, are already familiar among Yoshinoya's "special orders".

In the case of the meat-filled beef bowl "Namimori", the amount of gyudon ingredients is 1.5 times that of the regular "Gyudon Namimori". Depending on the size, the gyudon ingredients to be added will not fit on top of the bowl, so they will be provided in a separate bowl.

Below is a list of sizes and prices excluding tax. Prices are different at some stores.

Small 471 yen Normal 491 yen Atama's large 591 yen Large 651 yen Special 771 yen Super special 861 yen