Yoshinoya "Beef Black Curry

Yoshinoya "Beef Black Curry" and "Beef Hayashi Rice" are now

available at Yoshinoya restaurants. In addition, "Meat Tadasai Festival" will be held from 11:00 a.m. on October 6, with "Meat Tadasai (a small bowl of beef)" priced at 100 yen (110 yen including tax).

Except for some stores.
Prices may differ at some stores.

Beef Black Curry

Yoshinoya "Beef Black Curry

Gyu Kuro Curry," which was on sale until the end of September 2022, has been redesigned to be even tastier and easier to eat. The "Gyu Kuro Curry" roux, which is a combination of Yoshinoya's "Gyu-don no tsugu" and curry, contains more than 25 spices in a base of vegetables such as ame-colored onions and tomato paste.

In this renewal, the amount of tomato paste has been increased to accentuate the richness, acidity, and umami of the tomatoes, and the spices are now coexisting with the freshness of cardamom. The dark color of the curry is well balanced with the aromatic spices. The fresh aroma will stimulate your appetite, and one bite will fill your mouth with a deep and spicy flavor. The price is 589 yen (tax included, same as below).

Beef Hayashi Rice

Yoshinoya "Beef Hayashi Rice

Beef hashed rice," which has been sold only in the fall and winter since 2021 and has been well-received every year, will be available again this year. The tomato-based special hashed rice sauce, which uses dairy products as a secret ingredient, offers both acidity and umami. The richness and freshness of the special hashed beef hashed sauce bridges the gap between beef and rice, allowing diners to fully enjoy the umami of Yoshinoya's beef bowl ingredients.

This year, the amount of tomato and onion paste has been increased to create a tailored dish with an even richer flavor. It is now even more compatible with the ingredients in the beef bowl. The price is 589 yen (tax included).

Meat Festival

Yoshinoya "Meat Festival

The "Meat Festival" will be held for 11 days from October 6, 11:00 to October 16, 20:00. During this period, for every order of a rice bowl, set meal, curry, or other meal menu item, a "Meat Bowl" will be offered at a special price of 110 yen, instead of the regular price of 195 yen.

The "


Tadagiri" is a small bowl of beef bowls with the "ingredients for beef bowls," which are cooked in the restaurant. It was introduced in March 2020 in response to customer requests for more Yoshinoya beef.

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