MUJI gift chocolate bar
Full of dried fruits

Four types of gift chocolates that can be given to Christmas and Valentine's Day from MUJI are on sale. It is available at stores and direct sales sites nationwide.

All of them are chocolate bars packed with delicious ingredients such as bananas and cranberries. There will also be a kit for handmade "The Witch's House Made of Sweets" from the Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel".

All four types of chocolate bar are 290 yen each (tax included, same below). First of all, "white chocolate" is freeze-dried Franboise in white chocolate. Characterized by good fragrance and milkiness.

"Milk chocolate" is a 35% Dominican cacao milk chocolate with banana chips. It features a good balance of aroma and acidity.

"65% cacao chocolate" contains orange peel and almonds in 65% cacao chocolate. The strength of the acidity enhances the aroma.

"Cacao 80% chocolate" is, as the name suggests, cacao 80% chocolate with cranberries in it, giving it a solid and profound taste.

Among the kits that can make a witch's house made of sweets, "Hexen House made from dough made by yourself" is 1,190 yen. By baking cookies and assembling them with icing, you can enjoy arranging with 3 types of cookies with different shades such as plain, cocoa, and matcha.

"Make and assemble Hexen House by yourself" is 1,490 yen. A set of already baked vanilla-flavored cookie parts, icing powder, piping bag, and Santa's sugar confectionery to make icing, assemble cookies, and decorate them to your liking.

At MUJI stores, a limited number of wrapping items will be distributed as gifts from mid-December.