MUJI sweets for Christmas one after another
(* All images are from MUJI official website)

Various sweets that are likely to be suitable for Christmas have appeared in MUJI. The candy house "Hexen House" that you can make yourself will be prepared in 2020, and it is also available at online shops.

The main contents and selling price are as follows. All notations include tax.

Countdown calendar

MUJI Christmas sweets

"Countdown calendar 24 types 24 bags" is 1,890 yen. Toy confectionery that is widely popular in Europe and the United States. From December 1st, turn over the drawers one by one every day and wait for Christmas to come. A calendar where you can enjoy 24 kinds of sweets and illustrations.

Gingerbread house

MUJI Christmas sweets

"Hexen House made from dough made by yourself" is 1,190 yen for one car. You can make the "candy house" that appears in the Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel". Bake cookies and assemble with icing. You can also enjoy a combination of three colors of cookies: plain, cocoa, and matcha.

Christmas die-cut cookies

MUJI Christmas sweets

"About 20 Christmas die-cut cookies (10 bags) that you make yourself" is 790 yen. A cookie kit with ginger man, ginger girl and tree molds. Bake two-colored dough and decorate it with icing to your liking. Comes with 10 wrapping bags.

Chocolate chip muffin

MUJI Christmas sweets

"20 chocolate chip muffin volume packs (20 bags) made by yourself" is 850 yen. Simply mix the two types of dough, put chocolate chips on it, and bake it to make a soft muffin with a gentle sweetness. You can make 20 chocolate chip muffins with a marble pattern.


MUJI Christmas sweets

"One brownie you make yourself (10 bags)" is 790 yen. A kit that allows you to make a full-fledged brownie just by mixing and baking. Since it is baked in a large square shape, it can be cut into pieces of your choice.

Gateau chocolat

MUJI Christmas sweets

"Make your own gateau chocolate for one car (6 bags)" is 790 yen. You can make a full-fledged gateau chocolate just by mixing and baking. Bake one and divide it into 6 equal parts to make a heart shape. Couverture chocolate is used.

Icing set

MUJI Christmas sweets

"Icing set for arrangement 45g (1.59oz) (3 colors)" is 250 yen. An icing set that uses natural red, green, and yellow colorants. You can make colorful decorations on sweets just by dissolving them in water.

Pen chocolate

MUJI Christmas sweets

"Pen chocolate for arrangement 10g (0.35oz) x 3" is 250 yen. Pen chocolate that can be decorated with baked goods such as cookies and muffins. It is easy to use just by boiling it in a water bath.