MUJI "Chestnut sweets"

From MUJI, 10 items using the seasonal material "chestnut" will be released on August 26th at MUJI and online stores nationwide. Chocolates, cookies, and half-baked sweets made from the autumn material "chestnuts".

The first in a series that uses seasonal materials. By using chestnut powder or paste, we made it possible to fully enjoy the taste of the ingredients. In the future, a series using seasonal materials such as "Yuzu" as the second release from the end of November and "Sakura" as the third release from the beginning of February 2021 will be released in sequence.

The lineup of chestnut sweets is as follows. All prices include tax.

・ Wheat chocolate marron 190 yen Marron chocolate is sprinkled on a crispy wheat puff. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness of chestnuts.

・ Kaki no tane chocolate marron 190 yen Marron chocolate is sprinkled on the fragrant persimmon seeds. You can enjoy both spiciness and sweetness.

・ Corn Snack Chocolate Marron 190 yen Marron chocolate is sprinkled on a bite-sized corn puff. It features a crispy and light texture.

・ Chestnut marshmallow 250 yen The bean paste with sweetened chestnut paste is wrapped in chestnut-flavored marshmallow to make it easy to eat.

・ Hitokuchi Croissant Marron 290 yen Marron paste was kneaded into the dough and baked to a bite size. It features a crispy texture.

・ Chestnut and chocolate chip cookies 250 yen Chocolate chips were added to the dough kneaded with marron paste and baked to a bite size.

・ Marron Petit Cake 190 yen A bite-sized cake made by kneading sweet chestnut paste into the dough and baking it to give it a soft and light texture.

・ Chestnut steamed bun 120 yen Kanro-ni of chestnuts is chopped and kneaded into the dough, and the chestnut paste with grains is wrapped. It is characterized by its gentle sweetness and chewy texture.

・ Mini-tiger grilled with chestnut rice cake 190 yen We combined soft rice cake with chestnut-filled bean paste and sandwiched it with castella dough. It is characterized by the gentle sweetness of chestnuts.

・ Chestnut manju 390 yen We wrapped the sweet bean paste with astringent skin in a chewy chestnut-flavored dough and steamed it softly and softly.