(Image source: Cafe & Meal MUJI official blog)

The official blog announced that "Chocolate Nemesis" is available at Cafe & Meal MUJI and other stores for a limited time only, and will be sold until March 10th, at a price of 650 yen (tax included).

Chocolate Nemesis

This is the fourth product in the "CHEF'S DESSERT" series, which is an initiative that hopes to create a good cycle and environment for chefs who support the future of food. It was created by Chef Tetsuji Kakegawa, owner of restaurants Ata, au deco, and Varmen.

Nemesis is the name of the goddess of revenge in Greek mythology, and the name means "devilishly delicious. It is made with dark chocolate and sweetened with Honwako sugar. It is said to be a flourless chocolate cake with a rich and moist taste.

It will be available at Cafe & Meal MUJI, Cafe MUJI, and MUJI Diner Ginza. Please note that Cafe & Meal MUJI Minaminosato is not included. Please note that Cafe & Meal MUJI Minaminami-no-Sato is not eligible for this offer and may be sold out.