MUJI Cricket Chocolate

Here is a list of MUJI's sweets that I actually tasted and enjoyed. They are "Uji green tea cake," "Cricket chocolate," and "Nut bar with the best ingredients.

Uji green tea cake

Uji Matcha Cake is a chilled sweet sold at some MUJI stores. It uses stone-ground Uji matcha green tea, which has a rich aroma and bright color.

MUJI "Uji green tea cake

The top layer is made like a terrine with matcha and chocolate, melting thickly and giving the rich taste of matcha and a slight astringency. The lower tier is a simple sponge. Its fluffy texture and gentle flavor are well balanced with the rich matcha.

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Cricket Chocolate

MUJI's "Cricket Chocolate" is a high protein chocolate bar with cricket powder. It contains plenty of soy puffs for a crunchy texture.

With its high nutritional value and low environmental impact, entomophagy is attracting attention as a countermeasure to the world food crisis that is said to be coming soon. The affordable price and quantity of "Cricket Chocolate" is perfect for first-time entomophagous eaters.

MUJI Cricket Chocolate

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Nut bar with the best ingredients

A nut bar finished with a combination of fruits, nuts and honey. The lineup includes three products: "Nut Bar with the Best Ingredients: Cranberry Pistachio Blueberry," "Nut Bar with the Best Ingredients: Cassis Almond Cacao," and "Nut Bar with the Best Ingredients: Apple, Pecan Nut, Cinnamon.

MUJI "Nut Bars with Ingredients

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