Yayoiken "Chicken Mabushi Set Meal



Set Meal

Second in Yayoiken's Special Selection Series to Go on Sale October 3

Yayoiken will sell a "Chicken-Mabushi Set Meal" that allows you to enjoy the luxury of Awaokidori chicken, a locally raised chicken, in a "hitsu-mabushi" (cooked in a wooden box) style. This is the second in the Yayoiken's special selection series. The "Chicken-Mabushi Set Meal" is 890 yen, and the "[Double Meat] Chicken-Mabushi Set Meal" is 1,290 yen (both prices include tax).

The "Chicken


Set Meal" is the second in Yayoiken's "Special Selection" series. The "Chicken Mabushi Set Meal" is a high quality dish that has never been offered at Yayoiken before, with special attention paid to the chicken meat and condiments. The chicken is made from Jidori Awao chicken, and the viscosity of the sauce and cooking method are carefully selected to make it aromatic.

Yuzu kosho is selected as the main condiment, and green yuzu peel, green chili pepper, and salt, which are domestically produced, colorless, and fragrance-free, are used to enrich the flavor. The spicy yuzu kosho gives the "Chicken Mabushi" a slightly sweet taste, allowing you to enjoy the change in flavor.

Yayoiken "Chicken Mabushi Set Meal

Yayoiken "Chicken Mabushi Set Meal

Another feature of this dish is that you can freely enjoy it the way you like it, just like hitsu-mabushi. The recommended way to eat it is as it is, then add some oidare and yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper) for a spicy taste, an egg yolk for a mellow taste, and finally, dashi for ochazuke (rice with tea and soup stock). Yayoiken offers free dashi service at the refill station so that you can enjoy a delicious shime. You can enjoy your favorite shime by adding popular pickles and shichimi (seven spice) toppings on the table.