MUJI Insect Food 2nd "Cricket Chocolate"

From MUJI, "Cricket Chocolate" will be on sale on December 15th as the second insect food that uses crickets as ingredients. The price is 190 yen (tax included) per bottle. Available at 221 MUJI limited stores nationwide and MUJI official online stores.

Cricket chocolate

"Cricket chocolate" is a protein bar that contains cricket powder, soybean puffs, soybean-derived ingredients such as kinako, and about 15g (0.53oz) of protein per bottle. You can easily take protein with one hand when you are busy in the morning or when you are hungry.

In addition to cricket powder, milk chocolate and orange juice powder with low sweetness are used. You can enjoy the moderate sweetness of milk chocolate and the refreshing flavor of orange as an accent. In addition, plenty of soybean puff is added, so you can enjoy a chewy and voluminous texture and a crunchy texture. It seems that even those who eat insect food for the first time can easily pick it up. If you see it, try it.