7-ELEVEN "Mochitoro Melon Annin"
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Introducing new arrival sweets and sweet bread to be released on July 23 at each 7-ELEVEN store. Here are 5 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Custard & whipped double shoe 151 yen (tax included, same below)
A cream puff filled with two creams in a deliciously baked choux pastry using fermented butter and eggs of Egroyal. The increased amount of rich whipped cream and custard go great together.

7-ELEVEN "Custard & Whipped Double Shoe"

・ Mochitoro Melon Apricot Kernel 118 yen
A Japanese-Western eclectic sweet that wraps a refreshing whipped cream with apricot kernel and melon sauce in a melting mochi dough.

7-ELEVEN "Mochitoro Melon Annin"

・ Plenty of fruit mixed sandwich 280 yen
Fruit sandwich using yellow peach, pineapple and kiwifruit. A rich custard cream made from the special egg "Egroyale" and a whipped cream that melts in your mouth are combined.

7-ELEVEN "Plenty of fruit mixed sandwiches"

・ Milk France 127 yen
A fragrantly baked French bread with a chewy texture, sandwiched with a refreshingly sweet condensed milk cream.

7-ELEVEN "Milk France"

・ Moist and chewy chocolate bread 118 yen
A sweet bread made from white bread dough with a moist and chewy texture and chocolate in a marble shape. Chocolate has a high cacao ratio, and you can enjoy a rich and rich taste no matter where you eat it.

7-ELEVEN "Mochimochi Chocolate Bread"