Fujiya "Tsundere Kuromi Chocolate MP".

Fujiya's "Tsundere Kuromi Chocolate MP"

Chocolates Based on the Image of Sanrio's Popular Character "Kuromi The "Tsundere Kuromi Chocolate MP" will be released by Fujiya on October 3 in a 40g (1.41oz) package at an open price.

Tsundere Kuromi Chocolate


The "Tsundere Kuromi Chocolate MP" expresses the character and appearance of the Sanrio character "Kuromi," who "looks violent but is actually very girly! This cookies and cream-flavored chocolate confection expresses the character's "rough-and-tumble" personality and appearance. The milk-flavored dough is coated with milk chocolate and covered with crunchy black cocoa cookies.

The black and tough zakzakku on the outside and the white and gentle hollow-rolling texture on the inside expresses the tsundere character and appearance of "Kuromi". The package lineup includes a total of four different designs that showcase the various expressions of "Kuromi.

Fujiya "Tsundere Kuromi Chocolate MP".

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