Ministop "Autumn Taste Fair" Vol. 2

Ministop "Aut

umn Taste Fair" Vol. 2 Ministop stores are holding the "Autumn Taste Fair" Vol. 2, selling "Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc" and "Satsuma-imo and Meatballs with Teriyaki Sauce" from September 12, "Fried Oyster Bento", "Large Oyster Bento", "Fried Oysters (3 pieces) with Tartar Sauce Oyster Fried Lunch Box," "Large Oyster Fried Lunch Box," and "Oyster Fried Lunch Box (3 pieces) with Tartar Sauce" will be available from September 15, and "Autumn Mushroom Scented BIG Hamburger Bento," "Whipped Satsuma-imo Sandwich," and "Hokkaido Milk Mochitoro Puff - Shine Muscat" from September 19.

Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts

Mini Stop "Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts

Mont Blanc with Italian chestnut paste for the Mont Blanc cream, paste, and baked dough, and Hokkaido pure whipped cream for the whipped cream. Chestnut kanoko is placed in the center, allowing you to enjoy the chestnuts. The price is 300.24 yen (tax included, same as below).

Teriyaki sauce with sweet potato and meatballs

Ministop "Sweet Potato and Meatballs with Teriyaki Sauce

Soft meatballs and seasonal sweet potatoes are combined with teriyaki sauce. It can be eaten as is without heating. Price: 267.84 yen.

Oyster Fry Bento

/ Large Oyster Fry Bento

Ministop "Fried Oyster Bento

A handmade bento box containing crunchy and hearty fried oysters. The fried batter is made of baked white bread crumbs and is characterized by its sword-like crispiness. The Large Oyster Fry Bento is served with a large portion of rice. The Oyster Fry Bento is priced at 648 yen and the Large Oyster Fry Bento is priced at 702 yen.

Fried Oysters (3 pieces) with Tartar Sauce

MINISTOP "Fried Oysters (3) with Tartar Sauce

Baked white bread crumbs are used for the batter, and the crispy texture of these fried oysters with sword standing can be enjoyed. Tartar sauce is included. Price: 268.92 yen.

Autumn Mushroom-Scented BIG Hamburger Steak Bento

Ministop "Autumn Mushroom Scented BIG Hamburger Bento

A hamburger steak topped with duxelles sauce and finished with mushrooms. Price: ¥537.84.

Whipped sweet potato sandwich

Ministop "Whipped Sweet Potato Sandwich

A dessert sandwich with a filling of red azuma and red azuma dice combined with whipped cream. You can enjoy the sweetness of the red Azuma. The price is 397.44 yen.

Hokkaido Milk Mochi Toro Choux - Shine Muscat

Ministop "Hokkaido Milk Mochi Toro Choux - Shine Muscat

This dessert combines mochi (sticky dough) with a milky, mildly sweet cream made from designated ingredients and a fresh, fresh pine muscat sauce. The rich cream and the refreshing Shine Muscat sauce are a perfect match. Price: 172.80 yen.

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