LAWSON "Premium Roll Cake (Rich Chocolat)

New Arrival Sweets at LAWSON for September 18-19

, 2023 New Arrival Sweets


This page introduces the new arrival sweets at LAWSON for September 12, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Premium Roll Cake (rich chocolatey)", "Kokufuwa Twin Puff (rich chocolatey)", "Tiramisu Sandwich", etc. will be available.

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【Launched on September 18】LAWSON New Sweets

Premium Roll Cake (Thick Chocolat)

LAWSON "Premium Roll Cake (Rich Chocolat)

Chocolate-flavored premium roll cake with the perfect combination of chocolate dough and chocolate cream. Price: ¥246. Calories 284kcal.

[On Sale September 19] LAWSON New Arrived Sweets


Kokufuwa Twin Choux (Rich Chocolat

LAWSON "Kokufuwa Twin Choux (rich chocolate)

Chocolate puff with rich double chocolate cream. Price: 235 yen. Calories 342kcal.

Danish with apple cubes 4pcs.

LAWSON "Danish with apple cubes, 4 pieces

Danish with apple cubes. Price: 171 yen. Calories 106kcal per piece.

Tiramisu Sandwich

Lawson "Tiramisu Sandwich

The bitterness of the coffee French liquid matches the cheese cream with mascarpone. Price: ¥171. Calories 261 kcal.

Zarame Castella Cake

Lawson "Zarame Castella Cake

A sponge cake with a moist yet fluffy sponge cake dough and an addictive rough texture. Price: 117 yen. Calories 216kcal.

Tokushima Sangyo Nameraka Mitsuimo 70g (2.47oz)

Lawson "Tokushima Sangyo Smooth Honey Potato 70g"

You can enjoy the unique sweetness of "Beniharuka" sweet potatoes called "mitsuimo" (honey potatoes). Price: 198 yen. Calories 74kcal.

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