LAWSON "Shibukawa Marron Cream Puff


Sweets to be Released on November 7】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

This page introduces new sweets to be released at Lawson on November 7, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Doramocchi Honey Imo", "Shibukawa Marron Cream Puff", "Marron Cannele with a single chestnut", etc. will appear.

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Lawson "Doramocchi: Honey Potato

Autumn doramocchi with mitsumo bean paste and mitsumo cream that are a perfect match. Price: 225 yen. Calories 237kcal.

Shibukawa Marron Cream Puffs

LAWSON "Shibukawa Marron Cream Puff

Double cream marron cream puffs that allow you to fully enjoy the autumn taste of chestnuts. Price: ¥235. 335 calories.

Marron canele with a single chestnut

LAWSON "Marron Canulé with a single chestnut

A canelet filled with the delicious taste of chestnuts, with a crispy outside and a firm texture inside. Price: ¥235. Calories 151kcal.

Kinako Japanese Parfait

Lawson "Kinako no Wa Parfait" (Japanese parfait with soybean flour)

A Japanese parfait in which you can enjoy kinako (soybean flour), anko (red bean paste), and shiratama (white rice balls) together. Price: 300 yen. Calories 246kcal.

Uchicafé Italian Marron Waffle Cone 160ml (5.41us fl oz)

LAWSON "Uchicafé Italian Marron Waffle Cone 160ml

A waffle cone made with Italian marron paste, allowing you to enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients. Price: ¥311. Calories 256kcal.

Double Chocolate Cookie 1pc

LAWSON "Double Chocolate Cookie 1pc.

Cookies with chocolate chunks and chocolate chips. Price: 158 yen. Calories 273 kcal.

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